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It all began in Shahkot

Indian Hut restaurants are based in Olhão but their history is partly due to the trajectory of Paramjit Singh and Gurmej Singh.


They come from Shahkot, an Indian city in the state of Punjab, in the north of a country with an ancient and ancient gastronomy.

A cuisine rich in colors, textures, aromas and spices, capable of awakening all the senses.


Before arriving in the Algarve, they spent six years in Germany, where they studied and improved their knowledge of the secrets of their own country's cuisine.


In 2011, already in the Algarve, they opened the Indian Hut, and with it it became easier to travel to Oriente through a script of unique flavors.

In 2020 the Indian Hut family grew, and Olhão saw the offer of one of the most tasty and differentiated gastronomies in the world reinforced.

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